Size: 60cm (L) x 45cm (W) x 50cm (H)
Size: 54cm (L) x 45cm (W) x 44cm (H)
Size: 48cm (L) x 45cm (W) x 38cm (H)

Packaging Size: 62cm (L) x 47cm (W) x 52cm(H)
Product Code: K3FC-049 


Our 3 Fat Cats unique cat scratch furniture designs are ultra-durable and able to withstand a fair amount of scratching. They are larger than the standard size scratch furniture and made from top quality corrugated cardboard, which is dense and evenly compressed for additional strength and bonding. We also use the extra thick print covers on our products too.


SKU: K3FC-049
  • This fabulous cube set comprises of not one, but three extra wide scratch cubes making it ideal in a multi-cat household. A truly unique design for your feline home.  


    They can be rotated for internal and external scratch use so guaranteed to last a very long time!

    Check out our gorgeous Catnip Pillows! We have the Happy Pillows, the extra large Sassy ones and the large Sassy Animal ones with a jingle! We also have the Adelphi catnip heart-shaped pillows available - all in fabulous colours that you can mix and match to suit our furniture.

    Colour co-ordinate your choice of scratch furniture with our high quality catnip spiders too!

    CAUTION: Please ensure you remove the silica gel sachet from the packaging as it is inevitable they will go for the cardboard box!

    You might also wish to consider purchasing the set to assist your elderly kitties in climbing onto bed/settee? They can also be stashed away if space is an issue.

    Cardboard is irresistible to cats and makes for great entertainment for everyone. Comes with a little bag of catnip.

    WARNING: This product is not intended as a toy for children and should not be used as stools for adults.

  • Cardboard is perfect for scratching due to its texture and our products allow your kitty to get a satisfying scratch - giving them a manicure at the same time. Did you also know that cardboard retains heat and has the ability to absorb scent? Cats love the warm cosy comfort and as well as the scratching, they will claim ownership by rubbing their scent glands on the curves and edges to mark their territory.

    They are consumable products and it is inevitable that they will eventually wear down when your kitty does what comes natural. This is why the quality of the cardboard should be considered when purchasing, so your carpets, walls and furnishings don't take the hit...

    That said, is it time for your kitty to have the chance of some serious lounging on our beautiful eco-friendly compact cardboard designs? 3 Fat Cats scratch furniture is fantastic quality at affordable prices!