Size: 90.4cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 54.7cm (H)

Packaging Size: 94cm (L) x 32cm (W) x 57cm (H)

Product Code: K3FC-015

Weight: 5.50 kg net weight / 6.70 kg gross weight

Our products are made from high density, eco-friendly corrugated cardboard for exceptional strength and bonding. Rocky's Throne of Games also has the extra thick quality print covers normally reserved for the larger items!

Beautiful designs that are ultra-durable and last much longer... giving you value for money and a satisfying scratch for your feline friends.


  • We have a Rocky's Throne where the back board is ever-so-slightly marked. Remainder of the chair is perfect and the cats won't even notice!  A bargain!  Please note that this reduced price offer cannot be used in conjunction with any coupon codes.


    Rocky's Throne of Games - Everyone loved our Chesterfield Chair so here is our new improved design! In a print resembling faux black suede with gold studs, it's a stunning piece of furniture that won't look out of place in your feline loving home. Both chair arms have a play ball to entertain your kitties and a beautiful back rest for when they want to lounge. Side legs have been extended for that extra vertical scratch option. Simply purrfect.

    If this isn't enough to entertain them... we also have the matching Sirius Black Activity Lounger with play balls - a double treat!

    Product comes with a little bag of catnip to entice and encourage them.

    We also have the Adelphi catnip heart shaped pillows available in a variety of colours, which are exclusive to 3 Fat Cats. You can mix and match to suit our furniture!

    Colour co-ordinate your choice of scratch furniture with our high quality catnip spiders too!

    CAUTION: Please ensure you remove the silica gel sachet from the packaging as it is inevitable they will go for the cardboard box!

    WARNING: This product is not intended as a toy for children.


3 Fat Cats is a Registered Trademark.

VAT Registration No:  199366250

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