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Chance to Win a Goody Bag!

Every cat owner knows that scratching is as essential to cats as eating and breathing and that scratch posts are an important, essential accessory that is vital to a cats health and well-being.

Our products are made from top quality compacted cardboard, which is dense and evenly compressed for additional strength and bonding. Much sturdier and able to withstand a fair amount of scratching. They last multiple times longer than the standard scratch pads and our ultra-thick print covers make them even more durable!

That in mind, why don't you treat your kitties with a discount coupon for our fabulous cat scratch furniture? Placed in their favourite locations around your home, they will save your own walls, carpets and furnishings from taking the hit. Simply enter coupon code: may2021 at the checkout.

Furthermore, anyone purchasing an item of scratch furniture within the month of May will be entered onto the wheel of names to win a fabulous 3 Fat Cats Goody Bag!

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