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If like us, you have been recently affected by new imposed Covid restrictions. Don't despair! If you are reading this, then you're not alone - you'll have a kitty or two to keep you company and help take away those blues. Their love, after all, is unconditional and people feel more needed and wanted when they have a pet to care for. You might want to consider treating them to one of our toys? We have catnip spiders, the nip' a moggie, catnip pillows plus our new mermaid toys - all in gorgeous colours! Kitties will love you playing with them with the interactive Mermaid Squid.

If you're in need of scratch furniture, we have our 'September Special Offer' Anyone purchasing one of our scratch furniture products during the month of September, will be in with a chance to win one of our large Oskar's Dreamboy Loungers! That's one less pressie to buy at the end of the year... Do keep yourselves safe and healthy and check out our social media sites if you need a pick-me-up:

Oskar's Dreamboy Lounger Size: 75cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 33.5cm (H)   

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