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Give the perfect gift to your loved ones this year with the 3 Fat Cats Digital Gift Card. Gift cards are offered via a third-party app called Gifted and are available to use online for the products you just know they will love. So whatever the occasion, it will always be a gift to remember.

Customers visiting our store can select the digital gift card offered on our gift card page. Enter the amount, the recipient's details and setting when the card should be sent. Customers then pay to complete the purchase. The sender then gets an email informing them that the gift card was delivered to the recipient.

When the time arrives, the gift card recipient gets a notification by email, text message, or through WhatsApp - depending on what method the sender selected. The sender also has the option of printing out the gift card and delivering it offline.

If the recipient gets notified by email, the message arrives with the subject line "Anne, you've received a gift card from Adam!" (with the relevant names). By clicking the Open Gift Card link, they can access the code.

How Gift Cards Are Redeemed

To redeem the digital Gift Card, the recipient heads over to our store and finds items to purchase. During checkout, they enter their unique gift card code at the payment stage.

If the sale is worth more than the value of the card, customers can pay for the remaining cost using our regular payment methods.

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