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This weekend is time to celebrate Mother's Day and we wanted to reach out to those 'Cat Mum's' who go the extra mile with their kitties.

3 Fat Cats wanted to treat one special lady to a gift as no doubt, all their time, effort and money is put into their kitties. It is always very difficult to choose from all the entries as each and every one of you deserves recognition. This year however, our decision was made easier simply from the amount of votes we received for this one special cat mum.

That special lady is Sara-Jane! (Tails of Hope) Sarah actually received around 50% of the votes and was nominated by Catherine, Peter, Tracey, Sally, Helen, Tanya and Lindsay to name a few - the list is too long to mention them all!

Lindsay explained:

"I am nominating because: Sarah Jane has worked tirelessly for the last 5 years looking after the street cats in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. She is often out to the small hours ensuring as many cats as possible get fed and treated for minor ailments as well as a caring/loving hand. Sarah Jane and her husband Ray also arrange to get as many street cats as possible neutered and treated for injuries and illness - often driving miles to ensure the cats get the correct treatment. The dedication and devotion to these cats is amazing. They also care for over 30 cats who have the run of their home - many of who came to them with terrible injuries leaving them disabled and unable to survive on the streets. Best of all is the total love for all the cats. Sarah Jane adores them all and her grief when loosing a cat is palpable. She really does deserve to be the worlds best cat mom...."

You can follow Sarah-Jane and her husband Ray on facebook - click on the link below to read all about their rescue, like their page and show your support.

On a personal note - I have very happy memories of Bulgaria where I spent many fabulous holidays with my wonderful mum. Reading about Sarah and seeing the many supporters who voted for her, she really does deserve a Mother's Day treat - so congratulations Sarah! A Mother's Day gift is winging it's way to you and your kitties!

Thank you all for taking part and happy Mothers Day to you all!

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