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Shipping Woes!

Updated: Feb 26


Not good news I'm afraid... Yemen’s Houthi rebels said they would step up attacks on shipping in the Red Sea after another night of US and UK military strikes targeting the Iran-backed militia.

The U.S. and U.K. have carried out a number of strikes on Houthi bases in Yemen, after the group repeatedly attacked ships in the Red Sea.  The Houthis hijacked a commercial ship and have since attacked more than two dozen others with drones, missiles and speed boats.

Major shipping companies have stopped using the Red Sea and are using a much longer route around southern Africa instead. This of course causes increased shipping costs and will affect many – including 3 Fat Cats.

No one knows how long this will go on but we thought we would make you aware of the situation.  Increased shipping costs means ridiculous increased product costs so we will have to sit tight and hopefully, our current stock should keep us going.

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