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We're 3 Fat Cats...

"We're passionate about bringing beautiful, quality cat scratch furniture
and pet products to your feline friends"

Every cat owner knows that scratching is as essential to cats as eating and breathing and that scratch posts are an important, essential accessory that is vital to your cat's health and well-being.


Let's face it, cats put a lot of energy into sharpening their claws and marking their territory and providing them with a scratch toy can save your furniture, carpets and walls from destruction. 


However.... have you ever tried to source good quality, attractive cat furniture in the U.K.?  Then you'll know it's frustratingly limited.


It can be a nightmare but don't you just love it when you spend small fortunes on traditional products only to find they love to sleep and play with the cardboard box more?!


Being owners of several rescue cats, we've been there, done that, so we aim to inspire you with cat scratch furniture items, our catnip pillows and catnip spiders and toys that both you and your feline friend will enjoy.


3 Fat Cats are passionate about bringing beautiful, quality scratch furniture and pet products to your feline friends.
We aim to supply affordable scratch furniture that is tastefully combined with attractive designs to fit your feline loving home.  Unique designs you can simply place in their favourite locations throughout the house - so your own walls, carpets and furnishings won't take the hit.
Our products are made from top quality compacted cardboard, which is dense and evenly compressed for additional strength and bonding. Much sturdier and able to withstand a fair amount of scratching.  Lasts multiple times longer than the standard scratch pads and our ultra thick print covers make them even more durable!
Furthermore, it's eco-friendly corrugated cardboard that can be tossed in the recycling bin once they're shredded beyond recognition. 
A cat's love is unconditional...  don't they deserve a little 5-star treatment?

All products are put to the test by our 3 Fat Cat residents (willingly - with or without a nibble of catnip)  Click on the black cat  below to meet them and see their diary update!  

Click on photo image below to see Deadline News article! 

Delighted to see our Classic Roman Emperor Design in

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