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  • Kim Manners

Having been informed that the shipping costs have somewhat reduced, I got a little excited but I'm afraid they are still a tad high.

For example, we have received numerous 'Back in Stock' requests for the Fatboy and a quick calculation with the current shipping rate gives us a selling price of around the £40 mark. Our chaise designs would be between £50-60 pounds, depending on the size.

Customers are aware that our products are larger than the standard size scratch furniture and made from top quality corrugated cardboard, which is dense and evenly compressed for additional strength and bonding. However, with the current financial climate, we have to ask.... 'will we sell them?' Please leave your comments on the post below, it would be most appreciated.

On a positive note, we have some Christmas Goody Bags for the kitties with a goods value of £25 and these will be on sale for just £20!

Christmas Goody Bag Comprising:

* A silicon cat shaped pet food mat in the colour of your choice (Four colours available)

* A Catnip Spider in matching colour

* A Pack of 3 Wide-Eyed Mice

* An Adelphi Heart Shaped Catnip Pillow

* A Squeaky Mouse

* A Pack of 2 Carnival Balls

* A Christmas Catnip Mouse

* A Vibrating Toy

Question: Do we list them now or wait until October?

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You will be aware that our 3 Fat Cats unique cat scratch furniture designs are larger than the standard size scratch furniture and are made from top quality, eco-friendly corrugated cardboard, which is dense and evenly compressed for additional strength and bonding.

Beautiful designs that are ultra-durable and last much longer... Giving you value for money and a satisfying scratch for your feline friends.

However.... Having placed an order with a new European supplier, I had hoped to be bringing you fabulous news of delivery of our new products. Instead, the news is not good as the supplier has recently informed me that he cannot source the quality corrugated materials used in our products. So, unfortunately, I have had to cancel the order.

We are totally gutted as you can imagine however, we are continuing to supply our current stock of unique 3 Fat Cats brand of quality scratch furniture and cat toys via our websites 3fatcats.shop and 3fatcats.uk

We are getting seriously low in stock for some items so I strongly suggest you get them while you can. I genuinely do not know when (or if) we will be able to source a new manufacturer but the search goes on!

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  • Kim Manners

The Duplicat:

Size: 70cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 34cm (H)

A fabulous unique design in a black leather/silver studs print. It has both horizontal and vertical scratching options to suit every kitty and a fabulous large surface area for lounging. Enter coupon code duplicat and pay just £37.20!

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