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"We're passionate about bringing beautiful, quality cat scratch furniture

and pet products to your feline friends"

  • Kim Manners

Whilst we are extremely pleased with the quality of our cat scratch furniture products, we come across the odd one that has a slight defect or has been slightly damaged whilst moving stock. Here's your chance to grab a bargain but you need to be quick as they won't hang around!

We have a set of 3 Fat Cats Cubes at a reduced price. The print cover is just slightly off - your kitties won't even notice!

Please be advised these items are sold on a no-return basis. Please also note that this reduced price offer cannot be used in conjunction with any coupon codes.

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  • Kim Manners

Subscribers.... We have a Roman Emperor in the Bargain Basement where the top is very slightly damaged due to the protective covering moving in packaging/transit.

Too good to miss as we are very low on stock!

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Our quality scratch furniture allows your kitty to get that satisfying scratch and in return, saves your carpets, walls and furnishings from taking the hit... They look mognificent too!

Use coupon code bankholiday for a 10% discount off our furniture and earn yourself a few head butts!

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