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Be sure to check our Bargain Basement page as we may have the odd item with a slight defect - your kitties won't even notice!


Looking for a special gift for your feline loving friend?  Then check out our keyrings/handbag charms !

Duplicat AB60.jpg

The Duplicat: 

Size: 70cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 34cm (H)  


A fabulous unique design in a black leather/silver studs print.  It has both horizontal and vertical scratching options to suit every kitty and a fabulous large surface area for lounging. Enter coupon code duplicat and pay just £39.50!


Le Chique Chaise  

Size: 74cm (L) x 33cm (W) x 27cm (H) Your


What's not to love with our beautiful Le Chique?  Your kitties will be in seventh heaven and it's the ideal choice to tempt them away from your own furniture. Treat your kitties and enter coupon code chique to pay just £36.50  for this luxurious chaise!

Dutchess on Le Chique b.jpg
From Rachel Thomas 2.jpg

The Pink Chantilly is the same design as our gorgeous turquoise blue/white lace print Chantilly Lace Chaise.  Now available in a lovely pink/white lace print to enhance your feline home purrfectly!  Enter Coupon Code chantilly to pay just £38.00 for this fabulous chaise!

Ceramic pet food bowls with paws and tail.

These items are hand made and have slight imperfections - of which I'm sure the cat won't mind!  We are selling them in our Bargain Basement for just £3! 

Black and White Pet Food Bowl.jpg

The Turquoise Chantilly Lace and the Pink Chantilly  make a fabulous duo!   Enter coupon code pinkblue to pay just £76.00 for both items and treat your kitties!

Pink & Blue Chantilly.JPG
3 Fat Cats Cubes c.jpg

Loving the new extra wide 3 Fat Cats Cubes? 


Size: 60cm x 45cm x 50cm (Large Cube)
Size: 54cm x 45cm x 44cm (Medium Cube)
Size: 48cm x 45cm x 38cm (Small Cube)

They can be rotated for internal and external scratch use so guaranteed to last a very long time!


They weigh almost 12 kg but we're offering free U.K. shipping!  Enter coupon code freeshipping at the checkout!  (Additional surcharge applies to Islands and Highlands postage)

The Supreme Choice Multi-Scratch is one not to miss!

Size: 87cm (L) x 36cm (W) x 54cm (H)   


Enter coupon code supreme at the checkout for free U.K. shipping!  (Additional surcharge applies to Islands and Highlands postage)

The Supreme Choice a.jpg