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Be sure to check our Bargain Basement page as we may have the odd item with a slight defect - your kitties won't even notice!


Looking for a special gift for your feline loving friend?  Then check out our keyrings/handbag charms !

Teddy & Reggie on the Duplicat.jpg

The Duplicat is a fabulous unique design in a black leather/silver studs print.  It has both horizontal and vertical scratching options to suit every kitty and a fabulous large surface area for lounging. Enter coupon code duplicat and pay just £39.55!


The kitties will just love to scratch and lounge on the Golden Orchid Chaise and it's ideal to tempt them away from your own furniture. This one has a fabulous extra-wide large surface area for your fat cats/larger breeds. Treat your kitties and enter coupon code orchid to pay just £32.00  for this luxurious chaise!

India on the Pink Chantilly.jpg

The Pink Chantilly is the same design as our gorgeous turquoise blue/white lace print Chantilly Lace Chaise.  Now available in a lovely pink/white lace print to enhance your feline home purrfectly!  Enter Coupon Code chantilly to pay just £38.00 for this fabulous chaise!

Ceramic pet food bowls with paws and tail.

These items are hand made and have very slight imperfections - of which I'm sure the cat won't mind!  We are selling them half price on a no-returns basis. e.g. some have very slight paint or glaze defects.  

Enter coupon code bootbling to receive

10% discount off our gorgeous diamante

boot straps!  (Priced per pair)


The Turquoise Chantilly Lace and the Pink Chantilly  make a fabulous duo!   Enter coupon code pinkblue to pay just £76.00 for both items and treat your kitties!

Pink & Blue Chantilly.JPG
3 Fat Cats Cubes c.jpg

The Supreme Choice Multi-Scratch is one not to miss!

Size: 87cm (L) x 36cm (W) x 54cm (H)   


Enter coupon code Supreme at the checkout for free shipping!

Loving the new extra wide 3 Fat Cats Cubes? 


Size: 60cm x 45cm x 50cm (Large Cube)
Size: 54cm x 45cm x 44cm (Medium Cube)
Size: 48cm x 45cm x 38cm (Small Cube)

They can be rotated for internal and external scratch use so guaranteed to last a very long time!


They weigh almost 12 kg but we're offering free shipping!  Enter coupon code freeshipping at the checkout!

The Supreme Choice a.jpg