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If Cats Could Talk....


Meet the 3 Fat Cats residents....


My name is Rocky - and mom called me this because I am solid and run around and crash into everything!  I love my food but mom and dad have put me on a diet because the man in the white coat said I need to doh!


I love this new furniture mum & dad got me, I love to scratch all the time and it is purrfect!  I even won 'Employee of the Month' because I'm that good at it!


I love my Hunter's Supreme lounger but it's a daily fight to see who gets on it first. I still love the Podium too and everyone knows that is mine!  Honestly, we are spoilt as we have so much to choose from..... Oh, I love my job here as chief scratcher!!!


I'm Chico and a daddies boy!  Dad used to let me poke him in the eye in the morning and then I would go and sit on mom's head to make Rocky jealous.   


I once pee'd on dad's bathroom towel and I heard him blame mom for using it as he thought it was makeup lol!  He went to work smelling just like me! 


Mom used to say that I had lots of facial expressions and the best 'grumpy' face!  I was very affectionate, loved to chatter away and I especially loved to rub my chops on mum and dad - I wasn't fussy, though dad's face was nice and rough.


I'm at Rainbow Bridge now and Christmas Eve will never be the same for mom and dad.  Don't worry, I will be waiting... xx


Milly here....


Hurray!!!   The new 2023 Collection is here and there are 11 new products to choose from!


There is a beautiful Paradise Lounger, a rather large Rocking Chair, new chaise designs that are bigger and wider than ever and I can't quite decide which one I am going to have!


Customers are loving our unique designs and we are all so chuffed when our furniture is shared on social media. We continue to have great feedback too from happy customers regarding the quality and designs.  The photo's sent in with their kitties on the furniture are fabulous and mom posts them on the website and on our Facebook page for everyone to see.


I love our catnip cushions too!  Mom smiles when she hears the jingle-jangle when we bunny-thump them   lol!


Be sure to check out our 'Special Offers' page as we have some lovely unique designs with coupon code offers so grab them while you can!​

Ellie of 3 Fat Cats


My name is Ellie from Lanarkshire Cats Protection. I was just a wee kitten but I settled in no problem with the help of Wesley.  He showed me around and he played with me all the time.  Mom and dad think I am so cute and well behaved.  I'm a lap cat!


I really like it here as there are loads of toys to play with and Mom says I've grown up to be a proper little madam lol!

I love chasing Wesley every day and I head-butt mom every morning for a kiss - so what if it's numpty-o-clock?  I love my mom and dad and I just want to show my appreciation!

My name is Wesley and I have grown up to be handsome enough to be the 3 Fat Cats poster boy  lol!


When I was younger, I liked to poo in the plant pots and climb the curtains chasing anything that could fly...   I'm older and wiser now and since Chico left us, I always snuggle up to dad at night so he isn't lonely.


I do love to splash my water and I still like to run around the house squealing like a banshee but that's only because I'm having fun!  I just love it here!  Mom said I'm becoming quite a conversationalist as I love to chatter.  Dad on the other hand, says I have 'Cat-titude'   lol!


Wee Ellie and I have a great time chasing each other around the house every morning.  She attacks me from behind when I'm not looking and she's fearless that one lol!  

I want to be the boss now but Rocky won't have it!  Mom says it's handbags at dawn  lol!














My name is Hunter and I was straying for a very long time when my new mom decided to take me home to live in Lanark with her other indoor kitties.  


I tried to learn not to be territorial so all the kitties can roam free without me constantly chasing them but it was a struggle.  Mom sadly realised I needed to be an only cat. With the help of Cat Action Trust Lanark and Central, she found the perfect new mom for me and you can now follow me on Instagram!  Here is the link to follow:


I'm well spoiled by my new mom however my old mom misses me terribly and says that I will always be a part of 3 Fat Cats...


I am Hunter and I am a Lion King!


India - one of the 3 Fat Cats Residents

How cute looking am I then?  I was given the name Betty when I was rescued by Koky of Safe Haven Egypt (SHE).  My new mom was sooo looking forward to treating me like a little Princess but guess what?  She discovered she would need to treat me as a little Prince!   Yes, the vet found my bits were tucked up inside of me!!! 


I've had a bit of a bad start in life but I was rescued from a horrible pet shop that deprived me of food and water.  

I love my new name Chester and I absolutely love it here - loads of food and toys to play with. Mom and dad call me buggerlugs  lol!  I wonder why?....

Will someone have a word with mom? Occasionally, she has to stick me in the shower to wash my bum but I'm a cat for Christ's sake!  It's allowed!

How gorgeous looking am I then?  My new dad came to pick me up to take me home to Lanark to join the 3 Fat Cats residents!

My old mummy is brokenhearted as she has done everything to try coax me from under the bed. I was there all the time you see as I was really frightened of my doggy siblings. With a heavy heart, she decided it was the best thing to do.


She doesn't have to worry!  I am loving it here as I have a new boyfriend!  Chester is my play-pal and we cause havoc every morning chasing each other around.

My new mom and dad are being patient with me and I'm getting there!  I now queue with the others at the bathroom so dad can give me a brush - I love it!


Bruce - One of the 3 Fat Cats Residents
Keira - One of the 3 Fat Cats Residents

Aren't I the handsome one then?  I am so laid back and love a fuss all the time and I remind my new mom and dad of Chico they said.  I have the longest legs and silky soft fur and I love to be brushed!.  In fact, my new mom and dad say I'm just adorable!

I don't think India recognises Keira and I as she bashed me through the pet gate and after 5 months, she and Chester are determined to get me!  They are constantly at the pet gate and we have to be moved around for our safety really.

Mom is so sad it's not working out but with the help of Cat Action Trust Lanark and Central, we have a new loving home lined up before the New Year, where I will be able to roam and play in peace. 

I am India's sister and Bruce and I came to join the 3 Fat Cats in July.  We all grew up together when we were kittens so mom and dad were hoping India would remember us and be one big happy family again. Unfortunately, it didn't work out as planned and mom is heartbroken. 


You see, I liked chasing the other kitties initially and scaring them to death and now, although I have calmed down and just want to have fun, Ellie is gunning for me!  Chester and India are also  constantly at the pet gate as we are on their territory and they don't like it. 


Good news is, a lovely lady came to meet us the other day and she fell in love with Bruce.  I was a bit scared and hiding but I will be ok in time as I have Bruce with me.  Anyway, how can she resist?  I'm gorgeous!


If you want to adopt a cutie like Rocky, Milly, Wesley, Ellie, Chester or India, take a look at the these websites:

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