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Cardboard scratchers are consumable products and it is inevitable that they will eventually wear down when your kitty does what comes natural. This is why the quality of the cardboard should be considered when purchasing.

The cheap cardboard scratchers are very light-weight and have grooves that are so wide apart, they get ripped to shreds in no time. The middle quality product has a combination of large/small grooves that is a little stronger and will hold up a little longer however, this quality is normally used in packaging. The higher density cardboard (which is what to look out for) has smaller grooves that will be able to withstand a fair amount of beating and give your kitty that satisfying scratch.

So when you are choosing cardboard scratch furniture, remember that our unique designs are made from top quality corrugated cardboard, which is dense and evenly compressed for additional strength and bonding. Our products are larger than the standard size scratch furniture, they have extra thick quality print covers and are much sturdier and able to withstand a fair amount of scratching.

Simply purrfect!

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