Gifts And Gift Ideas For Animal Lovers


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Paper Pawtraits


Gemma is an international artist, specialising in 3D pet portraits and wildlife, ranging from all domestic animals to the beautiful wild animals around our planet.


Her Paper Pawtraits create a lasting memory of your wonderful pets!  She turns your pets into a 3D portrait using layers of paper to form them and then adding details using paints, pens and pencils to capture their personalities.  Our pets are such an essential part of our lives and she would be honoured to create yours for you.

Her pet portraits are popular because they are created using her very own unique style, which has taken years to build up and evolve.


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Sarah-Jane Le Blanc


Having rescued Hunter, a stray of around 4 years, we were having issues trying to integrate him with our other 5 rescue kitties.  Someone suggested I contact Pet Communicator, Sarah-Jane and  we were absolutely gobsmacked with her findings! Helped us discover more about Hunter and what he had been through.  I can personally highly recommend!


Sarah-Jane brings a unique set of skills and qualifications to her Animal Communications & Therapy Centre and the healing work she offers directly and at a distance for both animals and their guardians.  Having dedicated years to learning and perfecting highly developed Intuitive Communication skills, she is regarded as one of the UK's leading Animal Communicators, working with literally thousands of animals and people all over the world.

Crrailiso Cats


As you know, we love anything unique and we certainly found it in these solid wood cat furniture creations by Eddie from Crrailiso Cats!  Aren't they stunning?  Having purchased one, we couldn't resist a second and then a third one! - they all have that wow factor and the cats just love them. 


Each piece is unique, made from carefully selected driftwood and apparently, both Eddie and Alison Murray spend hours searching the beaches on the West coast of Scotland to find interesting pieces of wood to use in Eddie's designs.  They come in all shapes and sizes and he can design and build to suit your requirements. The platforms on the cat trees are from locally felled oak trees that have come down in a storm so environmentally friendly too. 


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The Magnificats


The Magnificats owned by Sasha and Steven are Englands most famous internet cats.  Comprising of the late Rocky, Princess Pixie, Norman, Tom, Prince, Junior and Ugs.

Check out their shop for an array of sweatshirts, dresses, t-shirts, mugs, bags, accessories - in fact, you'll be hard pushed not to find what you are looking for!


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The Cats Claws


The Cats Claws is a family run business of cat lovers, for cat lovers! Rob and Andy design and build bespoke cat furniture, scratchers and exercise wheels.  


They also made two unique display stands for 3 Fat Cats - absolutely fabulous and exactly what we needed for our cardboard furniture! 


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The Gifted Cat


The Gifted Cat owned by Nicola, designs and creates purrfect gifts for cat lovers, as well as offering a Cat Sitting Service in Silloth!.

Nicola and her very talented hubby create and design bespoke, personalised gifts for cat lovers, as well as a few gifts for your cat(s). These gifts are handcrafted with love, in house and are not mass produced, and they can work from your own cat(s) photos.


I can personally vouch for the bespoke quality as I own the beautiful cat clock featured on their website!   I couldn't resist it!



Pencil Portrait Artist


Angie is an artist living and working in Hampton, South West of London. She creates unique and original hand-drawn portraits in pencil or coloured pencil based of your favourite photographs. They are beautiful, high-quality, one-off pieces, which will have a deep personal meaning to you.  Something that you will treasure for many years to come.  Go take a look - they are amazing!!  


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MMG Designs


MMG Designs is owned by Mags Griffin and she offers a selection of beautiful quality hand decorated items at affordable prices.  I own one of the The 'Crazy Cat Lady' frames and also a beautiful framed paper-cut heart, of which can be made up with personal loved ones names - simply gorgeous!

Cat Hampurr


Cat Hampurr is not just a monthly subscription service exclusively for cats - you can send a Cat Hampurr as a gift too!


Each month they send your cat a surprise selection of 5 – 7 hand picked feline products and presents for your kitty – anything from high quality toys, premium, healthy and all-natural food and treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!


They care about the health and happiness of cats and therefore only include the best quality, healthy and natural products available.  They personally test all the products and pride themselves on the quality of the products included in their Hampurrs.


Isn't it about time you treated your little V.I.P.?!

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