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The Covid-19 pandemic isn't over yet and we are grateful, more than ever, for your ongoing support.

I have been busy the past few months working on new, unique and exciting scratch furniture designs for your feline friends and so far, I am really pleased with them! Just a couple more to go to add to the new collection.

However, this global Covid-19 outbreak has affected both the import and export trade to most ports around the world. Shipping costs to import goods has risen dramatically and like a lot of businesses, we simply cannot afford to ship a container at these ridiculous costs. You may have seen on the BBC website that one company has been quoted £10,000 for what used to be £1600! This would obviously have a knock-on effect on product prices.

We do hope this situation is resolved quickly - not just for us, but for the U.K. on the whole. A logistics friend indicates that this could go on into next year so it's a matter of waiting to see what happens.

In the meantime, we are continuing to supply our unique quality scratch furniture and cat toys via our websites or Please email us regarding any International deliveries and we will check for you. Low stock information for certain products as always, will be shared on social media.

Do keep yourselves safe and healthy and check out our social media sites if you need a pick-me-up:

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