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Sweet Valentine...

The love you get from your feline friends is unconditional. Valentines day is almost upon us and it's the purrfect time to treat your V.I.P. (Very Important Pussy) with a gift of scratch furniture. It will keep the kitties happy and save your own carpets, walls and furnishings from taking the hit.

Check out our Adelphi heart shaped catnip pillows too! They are the ideal gift and available in gorgeous colours to mix and match with our furniture.

We have an assortment of interactive / catnip toys your kitty will love so take a peek and treat them this Valentines Day.

Want to treat yourself at the same time? We have just 10 of these cute cat/heart handbag/keyrings to give away with every furniture order so it will be first come, first served! (Photo doesn't do them justice)

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