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Our aim at 3 Fat Cats has always been to inspire you with quality cat scratch furniture items and pet products that both you and your feline friend will enjoy. Rufio here is absolutely delighted with his chaise!


For those of you who love to shop online, you will find our unique products via our websites and 


Good news is, we have a couple of Bank Holidays during May so we would like to thank you, our customers, for your continued support with a discount coupon for our fabulous cat scratch furniture!  Simply enter coupon code:  may2024 at the checkout. 

(Valid from 03:05:24 to 31:05:24)


Furthermore, anyone purchasing an item of scratch furniture within this period will be entered onto the wheel of names to win a fabulous 3 Fat Cats Goody Bag!


Treat your kitties and save your walls, carpets and furnishings from taking the hit.  You'll also  earn yourself a few head-butts in return!

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