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Price Increase Notification

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Dear Valued Customer,

This year, the Coronavirus has had a significant impact on the economy and Britain is facing an unprecedented crisis reflecting the severity for many businesses and for people's livelihoods. Many of our customers are probably seeing various increased prices already.

In addition, due to several market factors including the US exchange rate, the rising costs of raw materials and shipping costs over the last few years, we can no longer absorb these increases and are forced to pass them along. We have tried to maintain our current pricing as long as possible, but we cannot continue to do so.

We will be increasing our prices for our cat scratch furniture products by approximately 10% - effective February 1st 2021.

You will be aware however, that our unique cat scratch furniture designs are made from quality high-density eco-friendly corrugated cardboard. A quality that is ultra-durable and able to withstand a fair

amount of scratching. They will continue to be affordable as they last much longer than the standard scratch pads, giving you value for money... And a satisfying scratch for your feline friends.

We at 3 Fat Cats would like to thank you for your ongoing support.

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