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As previously advised, shipping costs to import goods rose dramatically and we simply cannot justify the knock-on effect it would have on our product prices. Cost of raw materials also increased, which is acceptable but shipping costs continue to be extremely high.

After discussions with a shipping friend yesterday, we can't see this situation resolving and Indication is that these high costs will remain for the foreseeable future.

We are gutted as you can imagine however, we are continuing to supply our current stock of unique quality scratch furniture and cat toys via our websites and

We would advise however, that we are getting low in stock for some items so I seriously suggest you get them while you can.

Check out our large size Day Dreamer Catnip Pillows with a rattle - 15 designs with matching reverse print:

We also have 4 reverse options available for our large sized Happy Catnip Pillows that come with a rattle - 15 beautiful designs:

Not forgetting our plush catnip spiders in gorgeous colours - with or without a rattle!

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